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Front, L to R: Joyce White, Sheila Holding, Mrs H Both, Mr Govenlock, Professor Kerr Grant, Mr Schultz, Mr Keirmann, Margaret Dunstone, Mrs E Both. Second row: Jean Crompton, Audrey Douglass, Margaret Christie, Mrs Spinkston, Miss Mulhall, Mary Howie, Patricia Fraser, Unice Tharratt, unidentified. Back: Betty Laughton, Unidentified, Edna Pengilly.

[News logo]World War II binocular cleaners

During the war years of the early 1940s, Adelaide University was engaged in assisting the country's war effort. Professor Kerr Grant, the Elder Professor of Physics, founded a group to recondition binoculars for the armed forces. 1943 graduate Miss Mary Howie has kindly provided a photograph of the binocular cleaners:

The group was formed by professor Kerr Grant in 1942 and rooms were allotted in the Physics Department for the work. The army sent the binoculars in after use, mainly from New Guinea as the lenses became mouldy so quickly there. The groups was formed mainly of University students with a few others who were accustomed to working with optical lenses. We were paid a nominal wage. I worked for ten weeks for a total of £30/0/9!

- Modified from an article originally published in the Adelaidean, 4 July 1994.

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