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HMM Newsletter - Number 11, December 1996 ISSN 1036-3041

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Publications of interest to health and medicine collectors and museum custodians

Wilson, Gwen, One grand chain: the history of anaesthesia in Australia 1846-1962, Volume 1 1846-1934, The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, Melbourne, 600 pp, 100 illus.
Volume 1 of this work is now available from The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, 630 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004, at a cost of $A75 plus postage of $A7 (Australia) or $A21 (overseas).

Peterson, Dennis, and Weise, Glenda, Chiropractic - an illustrated history, Mosby, 1995. ISBN 0-8016-7735-1.

Lawrence, Ghislaine (ed.), Technologies of modern medicine. Proceedings of a seminar held at the Science Museum, London, March 1993. Science Museum, London, 1994.
Articles include:
Wackers, Ger. Innovation in artificial respiration: how the 'iron lung' became a museum piece.

Mahoney, Chris, 'Presence of mind', Museums Journal, September 1996, pp. 25 - 29 [published by the Museums Association UK].

"Madness is more than a controversial subject for an exhibition, says Chris Mahoney. Museums are working with, and providing access for, the mentally ill."

The elusive Caduceus
From time to time in our 'Reading matter' column we have listed articles from the periodical Caduceus. However it appears that, until recently, there were no libraries in Australia that held this publication. But with the help of members Philip Thomson and Robyn Waymouth your newsletter editor has tracked Caduceus down. I am now able to inform you that the Research Library at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has ordered back copies of volumes 2 to 9. Also I am able to offer the following information for those who are thinking of subscribing.

A humanities journal for medicine and the health sciences

Published three times a year by the Department of Medical Humanities - 1113, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, P.O. Box 19230, Springfield, Illinois 62794-9230, USA.
Subscription enquiries should be sent to that address or phone (217) 782-4261; fax (217) 782-9132.
Back issues are also available for sale.

The following is a selection of articles published in Caduceus that HMM members may find useful.

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