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HMM Newsletter - No. 14, 1998 ISSN 1036-3041

On Being Full
The Saga of the Confused Member

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In which we attempt to clarify the difference between a full member of HMM and an associate member, explain the relationship between HMM and Museums Australia Inc., and encourage all souls to join Museums Australia if they do not already belong.

What is HMM?
Health and Medicine Museums (HMM) is an Australia-wide network for custodians of health and medicine museums, archives and historical collections. Any individual., organisation or institution interested in Australia's rich health and medicine heritage is eligible to join. The annual subscription is $10 for individuals, $25 for institutions.

What is Museums Australia?
Museums Australia Inc. is the national association for all those who work in and contribute to Australia's museums, art museums and public galleries. It promotes museums to all levels of government and the community, and fosters high standards in all aspects of museum management through research, policy formulation, publications and training. The annual fee for individual membership is $65 ($45 concession), while the fee for institutional members varies. It is $65 when all museum staff of the institution are voluntary, and ranges upwards from that depending on how many paid museum staff there are.

What is the relationship between HMM and Museums Australia?
HMM is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of Museums Australia. The Museums Australia Inc. constitution allows for the establishment of SIGs with appropriate by-laws, a committee and a treasurer. Currently, Museums Australia has over 20 SIGs.

What is the difference between a full member of HMM and an associate member?
A full member of HMM is a person (or institution) who has paid the membership subscription for HMM, and also the membership subscription for Museums Australia.

An associate member of HMM is a person (or institution) who has paid the membership subscription for HMM, but is not also a member of Museums Australia. Associate membership of HMM is offered mainly for people who are interested in health and medicine museums, but who are not associated with any specific collection or museum and so may have little to gain from joining Museums Australia.

Associate HMM members receive the Australia-wide HMM Newsletter and notices from their state branch of HMM just as full members do. However, only full members of HMM may stand for election to the HMM committee and vote in HMM elections or at HMM meetings.

So joining HMM does not automatically make you a member of Museums Australia?
That's right. Joining HMM and paying HMM's small annual subscription does not automatically make you a member of Museums Australia Inc. In order to be a member of Museums Australia, you or your organisation must also pay the appropriate annual fee to Museums Australia.

How can I check whether or not I am a financial member of Museums Australia?
If you (or your organisation) are a financial member of Museums Australia you should be receiving the magazine Museums National quarterly. You should also be receiving other mail direct from Museums Australia from time to time. If you are still not sure, contact Museums Australia, either your state branch or the national office at the address below.

Your HMM committee can only check whether or not you are a member of HMM. Committee members all do their HMM work on a voluntary basis and, despite the marvels of modern technology, they usually do not have the time to also check whether you are financial with Museums Australia. It is up to you to keep tabs on your membership of Museums Australia, and in doing so know whether you are a full or an associate member of HMM.

Why join Museums Australia?
Your HMM committee recommends membership of Museums Australia, especially for health and medicine museums who are just starting up, or who need help in improving the way they run. While membership (or associate membership) of HMM brings you the opportunity to keep abreast of useful information specific to health and medicine museums, membership of Museums Australia brings much broader benefits. Here are just some of them:

    Information about grants that are available each year from many different funding bodies for museums in Australia.
    Museum National quarterly magazine
    Meetings, seminars and training programs
    Technical information and support
    State and national conferences featuring international speakers
    Discounts on publications, and free entry to participating museums

There are Museums Australia branches in each state. For more information contact:
Museums Australia Inc.
National Office
PO Box 2926
Fitzroy BC VIC 3065
Tel. 03 9419 2422
Fax 03 9419 0100

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