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Australian Science Archives Project

Annual Report

ISSN 0817-7174

ASAP's Aim

To improve access to Australia's scientific, technological and medical heritage by helping to preserve records and artifacts and communicating the existence of this heritage to a wide audience.

ASAP's Objectives

Identification and Preservation

ASAP aims to play an active role in the identification of records and artifacts of historical value that add to our understanding of the history of Australian science, technology and medicine. ASAP is proactive in the identification of valuable materials and in acting to prevent their loss.


ASAP provides professional archival, historical and records management services, with the aim of helping to manage and document those records significant to our scientific, technological and medical heritage, for both individual clients and the wider community.


ASAP communicates the significance of Australia's scientific, medical and technological heritage to both the general and research communities, and aims to present the history of Australian science to an international audience. ASAP also promotes the importance of sound records management and archival practice to scientists and technologists to further their understanding of the importance of their own records and heritage.


ASAP works to encourage cooperative links between heritage institutions with the aim of fostering understanding, interaction and the development of shared goals. We also seek to develop international relationships with related bodies in order to ensure that our work meshes with similar work being performed overseas, and to assist the professional development of our staff.

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Published by the Australian Science Archives Project on ASAPWeb, 23 January 1998
Prepared by: Elissa Tenkate