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ASAP staff maintained an active professional presence in both the Australian Council of Archives through membership of its Education and Training Subcommittee (Gavan McCarthy) and the Australian Society of Archivists through membership of Federal Council (Gavan McCarthy and later Lisa Enright), and Convener of the Science, Technology and Medicine Archives special interest group (Gavan McCarthy). ASAP also continued its active involvement with the International Council on Archives with membership of the steering committee of Section on Universities and Research Institutions and its science archives subgroup (Gavan McCarthy). In this latter guise, ASAP commenced work on organising an international science archives conference (Working with Knowledge) scheduled for May 1998 as part of National Science Week.

Gavan McCarthy was appointed by the Australian Law Reform commission as an honorary consultant to their review of the Australian Archives Act 1983 and was an active participant and contributor to the project.


Have your records been doctored? Conference - Melbourne, 17 July 1997

This conference was a joint venture between the Australian Science Archives Project and the University of Melbourne’s Centre for the Study of Health and Society (CSHS). The one day conference utilised the presence in Melbourne of two international visitors to the CSHS, John Harley Warner from Yale University and Caroline Hannaway from the National Institutes of Health. The theme of the meeting was the investigation of issues surrounding medical records from a variety of perspectives: legal, scientific research, historical research, records in clinical practice, broad scale health management and hospital archival management. The publication of the proceedings and selected papers in various formats is planned.

Australian Society of Archivists Conference - Adelaide 24-26 July 1997

Three important papers were presented at the ASA Conference in Adelaide: Joanne Evans, ‘Structure of the ADS’; Lisa Enright, ‘ADS In Practice’; and Lisa Cianci and Helen Morgan, ‘Beyond the ADS’. These papers were presented at a special session on Application of New Archival Theory and Database Technologies. The structure and functionality of the ADS was outlined and they demonstrated some of what can be achieved beyond archival processing especially through the use of Internet technologies.


ASAP continued its membership of AusHeritage in 1997 and participated in regular meetings of the Victorian group. The key meeting of the year, November 1997, which involved all AusHeritage was attended by Gavan McCarthy where significant discussions were held as to the future of the organisation and the benefits it brought to members.

WWW Virtual Library for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

A major academic and community outreach service developed by Tim Sherratt and hosted on ASAPWeb is the CERN WWW Virtual Library for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. Tim Sherratt has been developing this resource since 1994 and like so many of the truly valuable resources on the Internet has been developed in his spare time.

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