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Australian Science Archives Project

ASAP's 10th Birthday
Messages from Party Guests

Happy 10th Birthday ASAP!

Thanks to everyone who made our
10th Anniversary Celebration a great success.

Here are some of the birthday greetings left by party-goers (strange how they became less coherent as the night wore on):
Date: 15/6/95
Time: 1:20:53 PM

  • Signature: John Swan
  • Message: All the best for a 1ong and profitable future

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 5:12:14 PM

  • Signature: Paul Keating
  • Message: Happy birthday ASAP! Congratulations on all your fine work for the good of Australia.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 5:26:42 PM

  • Signature: Homer Le Grand
  • Message: Ten years of groweth, service and success. Well done!! Another 10 years of work and the task will be well begun.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 5:35:40 PM

  • Signature: Monica MacCallum
  • Message: Very many happy returns and every good wish and many congrtulations on all your great successes of the last 10 years. With happy hoorays from Monica

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 5:49:21 PM

  • Signature: Peter Wilkinson
  • Message: Hope there are many more years!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 5:54:03 PM

  • Signature: Ron Sherratt
  • Message: Congratulations and all the best for the future!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 5:55:39 PM

  • Signature: Fabio Bevilacqua
  • Message: Congratulazioni per il decimo anniversario del progetto!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 5:59:13 PM

  • Signature: Matthew Riddle, SMTU
  • Message: Many happy returns, ASAP... and here's to the next decade!!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:05:31 PM

  • Signature: Cecily Close
  • Message: Hearty congratulations to Gavan McCarthy and all at ASAP on the achievements of the first 10 years, and best wishes for the future.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:08:47 PM

  • Signature: Davis Mccarthy
  • Message: Happy 10th. birthday asap.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:18:02 PM

  • Signature: Ann Gray
  • Message: Congraulations on the success of the project. I know how much effort has gone into it, from everyone.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:36:05 PM

  • Signature: Ann Gray
  • Message: Congraulations on the success of the project. I know how much effort has gone into it, from everyone.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:36:46 PM

  • Signature: Michael Nott
  • Message: Best wishes for the next ten years

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:50:12 PM

  • Signature: Jim Pelacchi
  • Message: Congratulations on Your 10th Year From all at Morwell Mine

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:52:30 PM

  • Signature: Colin Smith
  • Message: Congratulations to ASAP - the best thing that ever happened to archives in Australia. It has vastly exceeded my wildest dreams!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:56:36 PM

  • Signature: Imbi "Stacker" Neeme
  • Message: In the words of Big Boss Gavan: "Go team!"

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:58:08 PM

  • Signature: Lisa E.
  • Message: I hope that it remains true for another ten years that "we can do whatever we want!"

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 6:59:44 PM

  • Signature: Marie Steer
  • Message: congratulations asap on ten years.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:00:41 PM

  • Signature: Johanna Monk
  • Message: A techno happy birthday to a techno happy team

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:04:03 PM

  • Signature: dewar and peg goode
  • Message: we are happy to be sharing in your birthday celebrations

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:06:23 PM

  • Signature: Arlie
  • Message: Happy 10th birthday ASAP.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:16:29 PM

  • Signature: Antony Catrice
  • Message: To all my good chums at A.S.A.P.. I dont know is you will get this because I dont know where to put the paper but happy birthday to a happily computer illiterate Archivist.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:17:50 PM

  • Signature: cares
  • Message: Happy Birthday well taht about coers it

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:29:33 PM

  • Signature: Meg McCann
  • Message: Wishing ASAP many more years to come!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:35:01 PM

  • Signature: Laurien McCann (small baby)
  • Message: Yell Scream Waaahh

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:41:03 PM

  • Signature: N.& M. McC.
  • Message: I would never have believed it! Congratulations!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:43:19 PM

  • Signature: Liz James
  • Message: Congratulations from the Lizard

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:49:29 PM

  • Signature: John Spink
  • Message: ASAP today, ASAP tomorrow, ASAP forever! Happy birthday and best wishes for the next millenium.

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 7:58:07 PM

  • Signature: Bronwyn Hewitt
  • Message: See you at the 20th Anniversary!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 8:32:13 PM

  • Signature: Linden
  • Message: Many happy musical returns for decades and decades!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 8:37:14 PM

  • Signature: Gavan Mccarthy
  • Message: It's been great and it's been fun!

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 8:41:21 PM

  • Signature: ,jered
  • Message: hhh haappy bbirthday

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 8:41:22 PM

  • Signature: ,jered
  • Message: hhh haappy bbirthday

Date: 15/6/95
Time: 9:04:00 PM

  • Signature: Bruce Smith
  • Message: Happy Birthday ASAP

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