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Project Development Timetable

Early 1996: Announcement and Press Release

On this date material will be distributed describing the Humboldt Index Project as modified by suggestions from participants such as yourself. This information, which will include the web URL, will be released for publication in a number of professional newsletters and journals. Workforms (for collection of historical data) are still in preparation but will be made available to interested parties as soon as possible.

Mid 1996: Launch of Stage 1

By this date it is planned to establish, at this same Web site, a tentative skeletal structure of the Index with several sample countries in place.

Early 1997:

It is hoped within two years to convene a meeting of the International Editorial Board, and perhaps other interested participants, to review the entire Index project and to suggest future directions. At that time it might be decided, for example, to limit the Index in particular ways, to expand the Index to include more countries, to move the project back to the print medium, or even to discontinue the Index project altogether.

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