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Hodgson, Richard (1855 - 1905)

Published Sources
Psychical researcher
Born: 24 September 1855  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Died: 20 December 1905.
Richard Hodgson spent much of his adult life in England where he became fascinated by manís indefinite consciousness and psychic powers. He was one of the earliest members of the Society for Psychical Research and was sent to India in 1884 to investigate the occult happenings associated with Madame Blavatsky. He exposed her as a fake and became adept at detecting other fraudulent people including Eusapia Palladino Ė a renowned European psychic medium. Hodgson was also a lecturer at Cambridge University for some time.

Career Highlights

1874Bachelor of Arts (BA) completed at the University of Melbourne
1876Master of Arts (MA) completed at the University of Melbourne
1878Doctor of Laws (LLD) received from the University of Melbourne
1882 - Member of the Society for Psychical Research
1882Bachelor of Arts (BA) completed at St John's College, Cambridge
1883 - 1884Extension Lecturer in Philosophy and English Literature at the University of Cambridge
1884 - Lecturer on Herbert Spencer at the University of Cambridge
1884Sent to investigate the Madame Blavatsky occult in India
1887 - Secretary of the American Society of Psychical Research
1893Master of Arts (MA) completed at St John's College, Cambridge
1894Exposed Eusapia Palladino as a psychic fraud


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