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Wilson, John Bracebridge (1828 - 1895)

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Naturalist and Headmaster
Born: 13 September 1828  England.  Died: 22 October 1895  Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
John Bracebridge Wilson migrated to Australia in 1857 to teach. Within four months, he was third-in-charge at the Geelong Church of England Grammar School. In June 1860 / 1861 the school folded, so Wilson and his colleague Thomas Hutton rented some neighbouring cottages and continued to teach about forty of the students. This little ‘High School’ proved to be very successful and when the new Geelong Grammar School was opened c1862, Wilson was appointed its Headmaster. He also kept up his scientific interests, completed a Master of Art at the University of Melbourne and became a well known marine biologist. He wrote several scientific articles and collected widely. Many of his specimens were donated to the Royal Society of Victoria and the British and Australian museums.

Career Highlights

1852Bachelor of Arts (BA) completed at the University of Cambridge, UK
1857Migrated to Australia (Melbourne)
1858 - 1859Third Master of Geelong Church of England Grammer School
1859 - c. 1861Second Master of Geelong Church of England Grammer School
c. 1861Geelong Church of England Grammer School closed down due to financial troubles
c. 1862 - Headmaster of the (new) Geelong Grammer School
1876Master of Arts (MA) completed at the University of Melbourne
1882Fellow of the Linnean Society, London (FLS)

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