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Blandowski, Wilhelm (1822 - 1878)

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Zoologist and Naturalist
Born: 21 January 1822  Gliwice (Gleiwitz), Upper Silesia.  Died: 18 December 1878  Bunzlau, Silesia.
Wilhelm Blandowski was Zoologist at the National Museum of Victoria from 1854, and was the first museum staff member appointed by the government. He led numerous expeditions across Victoria and surrounds collecting and illustrating thousands of specimens of Victoria’s flora, fauna and geology. Blandowski also helped found the Geological Society of Victoria (1852) and the Philosophical Society of Victoria (1854). After repeated irreconcilable disagreements with Professor Frederick McCoy - palaeontologist to the Geological Survey of Victoria - he left the museum in 1859. Next he left Australia after being threatened with legal action for not returning all his specimens and illustrations and after refusing to remove material from his "Preliminary Report on Recent Discoveries in Natural History on the Lower Murray" as demanded by the Philosophical Society.

Career Highlights

1834 - 1836Entered the Royal Prussian Cadets at Chelmno (Kulm)
1849Arrived in Australia (Melbourne?)
1852Co-founder of the Geological Society of Victoria
1854Co-founder of the Philosophical Society of Victoria
1854 - 1855Collecting expeditions to the coastal areas of Victoria and the region of McIvor (Heathcote) and the Black Ranges
1854 - 1857Government Zoologist at the Museum of Natural History
1856 - 1857Leader of a government expedition to the region at the junction of the Darling and Murray Rivers for collection of specimens for the National Museum
1857Preliminary Report on Recent Discoveries in Natural History on the Lower Murray presented to the Philosophical Society of Victoria
1859Left Australia for Germany

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