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Hinkler, Herbert John Louis (1892 - 1933)

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Aviator and Inventor
Born: 8 December 1892  Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.  Died: 7 January 1933  Italy.
Herbert John L. Hinkler, an Australian aviator, flew from London to Darwin in just over 15 days (1928). The previous record for the flight was 28 days and he was the first person to make the trip solo.

Career Highlights
Born Bundaberg, Queensland, 8 December 1892. Died Italy, 7 January 1933. DSM 1917. Built his first glider 1911 and his second glider 1911-12; worked his passage to England 1913-14; Sopwith Company 1914; Royal Naval Air Service as observer/air gunner 1914-17; war service as pilot 1918; A.R. Roe & Co. 1919; flew London to Turin non-stop 1920; long distance record breaking flight from Sydney to Bundaberg 1921; test pilot, A.V. Roe & Co. 1921-26; tested autogyros for Don Juan la Cierva 1927; pioneering solo flight from England to Australia 1928; flight from Canada to England via South Atlantic in Puss Moth 1931; died on flight from England to Australia 1933. Royal Geographical Society of Australia Medal 1928; Air Force Cross (AFC) 1928; numerous other awards.
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