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Evans, George William (1780 - 1852)

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Surveyor and Explorer
Born: 5 January 1780.  Died: 16 October 1852  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
George William Evans arrived in New South Wales in 1802 and was appointed acting surveyor-general in 1803. He surveyed and explored the Warragamba River and the Illawarra and was the first European to cross the Great Dividing Range. He worked in Tasmania and was a competent artist.

Career Highlights
Born England, 5 January 1780. Died Hobart, 16 October 1852. Short apprenticeship with an engineer and architect and some elementary training in surveying, Naval Store-Keeper's Department, Table Bay 1798-1802, store-keeper in charge of the receipt and issue of grain at Parramatta 1802-03, acting surveyor-general 1804-05, farming, Hawkesbury 1805-09, surveying, New South Wales 1809-12, deputy-surveyor of lands, Van Diemen's Land 1812-25, recalled to Sydney 1813 to try to find a passage into the interior (on this expedition he was the first European to cross the Great Dividing Range), in 1815 to act as guide on a tour of the country he had discovered in 1813, in 1817 to act as second-in-command to Oxley (q.v.) in an expedition setting out from Bathurst to determine the course of the Lachlan River and in 1818 to fill the position of second-in-command to Oxley in an attempt to trace the Macquarie River to its termination, art teacher, England 1826-32, bookseller and stationer, then drawing master , The King's School, then housed in Harrisford, George Street, Parramatta while his wife conducted a finishing school for young ladies, Hobart 1844-52. Commemorated by statues in Bathurst, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
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