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Selby, George William (? - 1950)

Electrical engineer and Accountant
Died: 11 July 1950
George William Selby was the first manager of the Australian Electric Company from 1884. He was also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Commonwealth Institute of Accountants and was auditor to the Broken Hill Proprietary Company from 1886-1945.

Career Highlights
Established a business as an electrical engineer and accountant. Became manager of the Australian Electric Company 1884, and was the first to manufacture X-ray equipment in Melbourne. Served as audiror to the Broken Hill Proprietary Company for 59 years, from 1886-1945. He was narrowly beaten by Marconi in the race to assemble the first radio, because family commitments prevented his going to England to receive further funds.

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