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Connah, Frank Edwin (1874 - 1950)

Analytical chemist
Born: 7 November 1874.  Died: 29 October 1950.
Frank Edwin Connar worked for the Queensland Government Chemical Laboratory from 1904 until retirement, being Government Analyst and Chief Inspector of Explosives from 1937.

Career Highlights
Born 7 November 1874. Died 29 October 1950. Qualified by examination for Fellowship of the Royal Institute of Chemistry. Assayer and analyst, mining industry, North Queensland, in charge of the Mt Garnet Company's laboratory, Queensland Government Chemical Laboratory 1904-retirement (Senior Analyst in charge of the Mineral, Ores and Mining section, acting Government Analyst 1936 and Government Analyst and Chief Inspector of Explosives from 1937), analytical work for the Brisbane City Council after retirement.

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