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Mellers, Alan Charles (1917 - 1979)

Industrial chemist
Born: 1917  Brisbane?, Queensland, Australia.  Died: 1979.
Alan Charles Mellers was General Manager of Casco Adhesives, Melbourne, which was associated with Borden Chemicals, from 1952, rising to become Australian Chairman and Managing Director. He was involved in the construction of the new plant at Granville in 1953-54 to make phenol formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde and casein resins. Later extensions included an epoxy resin plant, a formaldehyde plant and a resinite film plant in Sydney and formaldehyde and resin plants in Melbourne.

Career Highlights
Born Queensland, 1917. Died 1979. Educated Brisbane Technical College (Diploma of Industrial Engineering). Taylors Elliotts drug house, Brimms Bros (Queensland licensee for Casco Glues, associated with Borden Chemicals) late 1930s-1943, chief chemist, Queensland Can Company 1943-52, General Manager, Casco Adhesives, Melbourne from 1952, rising to Australian Chairman and Managing Director of Borden Chemicals, relinquishing day-to-day control ca 1974. Chairman, Process Chemistry Group, Royal Australian Chemical Institute 1974-77. Honoured by 1980 essay competititon for students on the Australian Chemical Process Industries being named the Alan Mellers prize.

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