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Clarke, Andrew (1824 - 1902)

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Science patron, Surveyor and Politician
Born: 27 July 1824  Southsea, Hampshire, England.  Died: 29 March 1902  London, England.
(Sir) Andrew Clarke was Surveyor-General of the Colony of Victoria and was a member of both Victoriaís Legislative Council and Assembly. He was also heavily involved in many societies and organisations including stints as inaugural president of the Philosophical Society of Victoria (1854), and inaugural president of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria (1855-57). As a member of the Legislative Council, Clarke was involved in drafting the colonyís new Constitution and the Municipal Institutions Act. He also instigated the creation of the Museum of Natural History, selected the sites of the Botanic Gardens and St Paulís Anglican Cathedral, instigated the recording of meteorological data, and set about establishing a pure water supply for Melbourne. Clarke returned to the United Kingdom in 1859c but continued to work on special commissions for the Victorian and Tasmanian governments and served as their agent-general for varying periods.

Career Highlights

1844Graduated from the Royal Military Academy, UK
1844 - 1886Member of the Royal Engineers, UK
1847 - 1848Posted to Australia (Hobart Town)
1848 - 1849Posted to New Zealand
1849 - 1853Returned to Hobart as Private Secretary to the Lieutenant-Governor
1853 - Surveyor-General of the Colony of Victoria
1853 - 1856Elected to the Legislative Council of Victoria
1854Vice-President of the Victorian Institute for the Advancement of Science
1854President of the Philosophical Society of Victoria
1855 - 1857President of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1856 - c. 1859Elected to the Legislative Assembly of Victoria
c. 1859Returned to England

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