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Grimwade, Frederick Sheppard (1840 - 1910)

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Business executive, Member of Parliament and Pharmaceutical manufacturer
Born: 10 November 1840  Harleston, Norfolk, England.  Died: 4 August 1910  Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.
Frederick Sheppard Grimwade was a pharmacist, business entrepreneur, racehorse breeder and parliamentarian. Together he and Alfred Felton developed a business empire which covered pharmaceutical, glass, plastics and chemical manufacturing and helped pioneered these industries in Australia. Grimwade arrived in Melbourne in 1862 to manage Edward Youngman’s wholesale drug-house. When Youngman died, Grimwade and Felton bought out the company calling it Felton, Grimwade & Co. This was the start of their remarkable business career and the firm soon became the largest drug-house in Victoria. Of Grimwade’s nine children, three played a significant part in developing the Grimwade empire after his death. A fourth son, Alfred Sheppard (1874-1941) became a surgeon and in 1920 joined the family business as director of Australian Oxygen and Industrial Gases Pty Ltd. All five Grimwades contributed greatly to many other aspects of Australian society throughout their lives.

Career Highlights

1863 - 1866Manger of Youngman McCann & Co, Wholesale Druggists
1867 - Felton, Grimwade & Co. established
1872Founded Melbourne Glass Bottle Works (later Australian Glass Manufacturers Ltd.)
1883Chairman of the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce
1889 - 1910Chairman of the Royal Bank
1891 - c. 1902Member of the Legislative Council for North Yarra Province
1894 - 1895Member of the royal commission on state banking
1904 - Sole owner of Felton, Grimwade & Co. after Felton's death

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