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Melrose, Donald Blair (1940 - )

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Born: 13 September 1940  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Donald Blair Melrose is Director of the Special Research Centre in Astrophysics and Professor of Physics (theoretical) at the University of Sydney. His research interests include plasma processes in astrophysics and geophysics, quantum electrodynamics and nonlinear plasma processes. Melrose has published widely in all three fields. Prior to his University of Sydney appointments Melrose worked at numerous international institutes including the University of Marylandís Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Career Highlights
URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/rcfta/melrose.html

1958Undergraduate studies started at the University of Western Australia
1959 - 1962Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc (Hons)) completed at the University of Tasmania
1962Rhodes Scholar for Tasmania
1965Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) completed at Oxfrod University, UK
1965 - 1966Research Fellow in Physics at the University of Sussex, UK
1966 - 1968Research Associate in Physics at Belfer Graduate School of Sciences, Yeshiva University, New York, USA
1968 - 1969Research Fellow in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Maryland, USA
1968 - 1984Member of the American Astronomical Society
1969 - 1978Reader in Theoretical Physics at Australian National University
1979 - Professor of (theoretical) Physics at the University of Sydney
1979 - 1984Member then Chairman (from 1980) of the National Committee for Astronomy
1985 - 1988Inaugural Chairman of the Sydney Association for Astrophysics
1986Walter Boas Medal received from the Australian Institute of Physics
1986Pawsey Medal received from the Australian Academy of Science
1987Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal received from the Australain Academy of Science
1990 - Honorary Research Fellow at the Australia Telescope National Facility
1991 - Director of the Research Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics (Special Research Centre in Astrophysics) at University of Sydney
1994 - Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Australia Telescope National Facility


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