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RUMKER, Christian Carl Ludwig

Born Stargard, Mecklenburg, Germany, 18 May 1788; died Lisbon, Portugal, 21 December 1862. Teacher of mathematics, Hamburg, Germany, 1807-09. Seaman, 1809-19; British Navy 1813-19. Observer, Parramatta Observatory, 1821-23; 1826-30. Director, school of navigation, Hamburg, 1831-57; director, Hamburg Observatory, 1833-57. Gold medal, Royal Astronomical Society, U.K., 1854.
  1. Observations for determining the absolute length of the pendulum vibrating seconds at Parramatta, according to Borda's method. Astronomical Society. Memoirs., 3 (1829), 277-298.
  2. Astronomical observations made at the observatory at Parramatta in New South Wales. Royal Society of London. Philosophical Transactions., 119 (3) (1829), 159p. (This article includes sections on 'Magnetic observations made at Parramatta' [pp.1-2] and 'Length of the pendulum at Parramatta' [p.151])

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