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ALLEN, James Bernard

Born South Australia, 19 May 1870; died Perth 13 March 1912. Education University of Adelaide (B.Sc. 1891, B.A. 1911) and Sydney University (1892-94). 1851 Exhibition scholar, 1892-94. Civil engineer, South Australia, 1895-97. Science master, Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, 1897. Assistant lecturer in mathematics & physics University of Adelaide 1898-1901. Lecturer in mathematics & physics Perth Technical School 1901-12.
  1. (Abstract) (With R. Threlfall and J.H.D. Brearley) Researches on the electrical properties of pure substances. No.I. The electrical properties of pure sulphur. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, 56 (1894), 32-40.
  2. (With R. Threlfall) Experiments on some electrical properties of purified sulphur. Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science. Report of Meeting., 7 (Sydney, 1898), 245-258.

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