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International Archives Conference

6 - 7 May 1998

Canberra, Australia

The archival profession and the practice of science are both being revolutionized by the introduction of new information technologies. Advanced tools and methodologies for dealing with the new records of science are evolving at various sites around the world. This conference aims to bring together international and local experts to examine Australia's leading role in utilizing these technologies to meet the needs of contemporary science and technology-based industry. Although this work stems from a focus on the needs of science and technology it has ramifications for the entire information, archives and records industry - a key industry of the 21st Century.

  • An international conference to explore contemporary archival themes;
  • Exploring the practical & theoretical application of archives in the late 20th Century;
  • An opportunity to observe the latest technologies used in the archival process.

Issues surrounding contemporary scientific practice and its associated record keeping have been addressed in a series of international meetings run under the auspices of the ICA/SUV STAMA International Group over recent years. This conference is a follow up to these discussions and an opportunity to bring together the Australian archival community with invited international delegates to significantly advance understanding on archival methodology and practice.

A presentation of the technologies and methodologies developed by ASAP in recent times to successfully document contemporary science, technology and medical activities will be presented, along with keynote speakers and sessions for discussion and debate.

Working With Knowledge, International Archives Conference will be held at Becker House, "The Dome", Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, 6 - 7th May 1998. For further information please contact the Conference Organiser.

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