Scientific Research Records Project - Information Needed

Dear STAMAsters,

Before I make a huge launch into requesting information for a project in
which I am currently involved, let me introduce myself.  My name is Andrea
Barnes and I work for the Australian Science Archives Project.  My
quasi-official job title is that of Projects/Collections Archivist which
basically means that I do just about anything and everything, including the
processing of archival collections, archives and records management
consultancy, provenance research, and so on.
I am currently involved in a project aimed at developing guidelines for the
creation, storage and disposal of the research (scientific) records for the
Chemistry Department of the University of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia).
The project is in the initial background reading stage and so I am writing
this message to see if any fellow STAMAsters out there know of the existence
of similar guidelines (they don't have to be for Chemistry records, any
scientific discipline will do) and if so could they point me in the right
direction, or even get in touch with me so that I can make arrangements to
get my hands on a copy.  I am also interested in finding references
regarding the records of science and technology, appraisal of scientific
records, storage of scientific records (especially of those in non-paper
format), science fraud (already found quite a bit on this area) and patent law.


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