Preservation of scientific records/chemistry

Dear STAMAsters:

In response to Andrea Barnes' request for information on various
aspects of the preservation of scientific records:
See "Appraising the Records of Modern Science and
Technology: A Guide" by Joan K. Haas, Helen Willa Samuels,
and Barbara Trippel Simmons (Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, 1985).  The item was distributed by the Society
of American Archivists, but I don't believe it is still
in print; you may need to get a copy via ILL.
I have found it tremendously helpful.  
The book includes a section, "Scientific and Technological
Discipline History Centers", which lists:
Center for History of Chemistry
Edgar Fahs Smith Hall D-6
University of Pennsylvania
215 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 USA
"Program:  An archival and historical program sponsored by
the University of Pennsylvania and the American Chemical
Society.  Formed in 1982, its projected plans include promotion
of history, efforts to locate sources (including 
manuscripts)....assistance to archivists in appraising and 
processing collections, help to archivists and to chemists in 
facilitating placement of papers in appropriate repositories..."
Also, the University of Pennsylvania, Van Pelt Library, includes the 
Edgar Fahs Smith Collection in the History of Chemistry.  The address 
is 3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania  19104-6206. USA

Hope this helps.  Sounds like fun!

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