Provenance: Electronic Magazine for Information Professionals

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Apologies for cross-posting, but I thought some of you might not have seen this.

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>Date: Tue, 09 Jan 96 11:47:00 PST
>From: Adrian Cunningham <ACUNNING@nla.gov.au>
>Subject: Provenance: Electronic Magazine for Information Professionals
>Subscribers to this list may be interested to know of a new e-journal for 
>"Information specialists, librarians, archivists, records and document 
>managers, distance education specialists and information technologists". 
> Provenance is based in Vancouver and has a Pacific-rim orientation, with an 
>emphasis on Pacific 'connectivity' and networking.
>Volume 1 no. 1 is currently available through the World Wide Web.  It is 
>planned that the focus of issue #2 will be archives and archivists. 
> Provenance welcomes news and contributions from information professionals 
>in Australia and the south-west Pacific.  Any questions can be directed to 
>me, the Australian correspondent (email: acunning@nla.gov.au) or to the 
>Editor, Neal Chan (email: netpac@intergate.bc.ca).
>Provenance can be found on the Web at:
>Apologies for cross postings.
>Adrian Cunningham
>National Library of Australia
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