Re: Preservation of scientific records/chemistry

> See "Appraising the Records of Modern Science and
> Technology: A Guide" by Joan K. Haas, Helen Willa Samuels,
> and Barbara Trippel Simmons (Massachusetts Institute of
> Technology, 1985).  The item was distributed by the Society
> of American Archivists, but I don't believe it is still
> in print; you may need to get a copy via ILL.

Hi Andrea,
  If you're interested in this book, it's actually still listed in 
the SAA 1996 publications catalog.  It lists for $9 US (product code 
110).    Society of American Archivists, 600 S. Federal, Suite 504, 
Chicago, IL  60605; (312) 922-0140, fax (312) 347-1452.  Sounds like 
a warmer project anyway :)  Good luck!
--John Bolcer
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