Hello out there.

Dear STAMAsters:

As a new subscriber to the new STAMA listserv, I thought I would 
provide a brief introduction to myself and where I work, and I encourage
 others to provide similar introductions so we can get acquainted.

I'm head of the U.S. Geological Survey's Field Records Library, which 
is attached to the USGS Denver Library.  We are an archival collection
 of materials generated by USGS scientists in the course of their
 project work.  Most of the collection dates from after the
 establishment of the USGS in 1879.  Our geographic coverage is
 mostly the United States (field records pertaining to Alaska are
 at the USGS, Branch of Alaskan Geology, Anchorage, Alaska).
 We do have some materials for USGS projects outside the U.S.
Materials range from geologic notes, maps, and aerial photographs, to 
unpublished reports, correspondence, and an informal file of 
biographical information, and lots of things in between.   Inquiries 
welcome by mail, phone, in person.  A lot of our researchers are 
interested in scientific records, but we also get questions relating 
to early exploring expeditions in the western U.S., the history of 
the USGS, and similar historical topics.
(There are also field record materials in the National Archives of 
the United States).
As the only permanent staff in the Field Record Library I face the 
challenge of wearing all the different hats required.  A volunteer who
comes in one day a week has been a great help.

Along with many of you out there, I also face cutbacks in funding, 
which affect accessibility to training, professional publications, 
and other resources and opportunities.  I think our participation in 
this listserv can be a valuable resource and communications activity, 
and can provide an important complement to the local, regional , and 
national resources each of us may have access to.

A question for subscribers and the moderator: "discussion, publication,
and promotion of issues relating to science, technology, and medicine
 archives" - do you see these including being able to post reference 
queries which relate especially to science/technology/medicine 
projects or questions or expeditions or???? which have an 
international aspect?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you other science archivists, and 
participating in the listserv.

Carol A. Edwards, Head
U.S. Geological Survey Field Records Library
MS 914, Box 25046, Federal Center
Denver, Colorado  80225-0046
Phone: 303 236 1005    FAX:  303 236 0015
email:  cedwards@usgs.gov
"Round up the usual disclaimers..."