Reference queries on STAMA

Dear STAMAsters,

Carol Edwards suggested:

>A question for subscribers and the moderator: "discussion, publication,
>and promotion of issues relating to science, technology, and medicine
> archives" - do you see these including being able to post reference 
>queries which relate especially to science/technology/medicine 
>projects or questions or expeditions or???? which have an 
>international aspect?

I have no problem with this - in fact it seems like it could be quite a good
service that the list could provide. If there is general consent (or a
complete lack of dissagreement) I will change the info-page in due course. 

Carol also suggested that we introduce ourselves - again a good idea - I
will alter the info-page to request new subscribers to post a brief note
about themselves and their work (even their hobbies - I have this vision of
putting together an International Science Archives acoustic band - folk,
blues, jug, brazilian,...whatever).

Yours (the STAMA Moderator with training wheels) .... Gavan
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