National Research Council (USA) 1995 report

Gavan has suggested that we introduce ourselves as we join the STAMA

I am head of the University of Michigan Archives and Records Program
(UARP) a staff of 4.5 fte's attempting the comprehensive documentation
of the University of Michigan including its rather large science
research establishment.  Fortunately we have the support of the entire
Bentley Historical Library staff where we are located.

The second reason I am interested in documenting science and technology
has to do with my current responsibility as chair of the ICA Provisional
Section of University and Research Institution Archives (ICA/SUV).  This
section ,which was founded in 1992 but which has been active only since
the fall of 1993, has within it the Archives of Science sub-group.
ICA/SUV's 1994 seminar, held at Lancaster, England, was on the topic of
documenting science and technology in an academic setting.  This month
in Washington we held a two-day seminar; the second day focused on how
scientists communicate in the electronic age.

My first message to the listserve is: 

The United States National Research Council has just published a report
"Preserving Scientific Data on Our Physical Universe: A New Strategy for
Archiving the Nation's Scientific Information Resources."  This
publication is available from the National Academy Press, 2101
Constitution Ave., NW, Box 285, Washington, DC 20055. Ph: 800-626-6242.
The publication costs US$25.00.

I have a copy of this publication which I would be happy to loan to
anyone who would write a review of the report for the list serve.