NCUACS Progress Reports

Dear STAMAsters,

The National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists 
at the University of Bath, UK sends out gratis twice yearly in October and 
April Progress Reports on its work.  We would be very pleased to hear 
from colleagues on the list who would like to receive the reports.

By way of introduction the NCUACS working under the auspices of the Royal
Society locates, catalogues and finds permanent places of deposit for the
manuscript papers of contemporary British scientists and engineers.  We
are not an archive but a processing centre offering expertise in
scientific manuscripts to scientists and their families and the repositories,
usually academic libraries and archives, who provide the permanent homes
for the catalogued papers.  The archives project which has been in
operation since 1973 has been funded over the years by the Royal 
Society, other learned societies and charitable foundations and 

The NCUACS is very pleased to answer enquiries about its own work and 
contemporary scientific archives in the UK generally, but it cannot offer 
reader space in respect of the papers it is cataloguing.  The next 
Progress Report will be ready for despatch shortly and will have as its 
principal subject the papers of the Cambridge biochemist and historian 
of chinese science and technology Joseph Needham, recently catalogued for 
Cambridge University Library.


Peter Harper,
Archivist, NCUACS,
University Library,
University of Bath,
Claverton Down,
Bath BA2 7AY,