another introduction

rainy-morning end-of-fiscal-year greetings to you all!

I am the manager for an archives that is being created to collect 
information about the health effects people have experienced that may 
be connected to the radiation released from the Hanford Nuclear 
Reservation between 1944 and 1972.

Sponsored by the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and 
currently funded by the US Department of Energy, the Hanford Health 
Information Archives is located at Gonzaga University in Spokane, 
Washington (USA). Running far behind schedule, we hope to officially 
open this winter (Jan. 1996?).

While my collecting purview is fairly restricted to health records from 
people who lived in the exposure area in the post-war decades, I am 
very interested in articles/ citations/ rumours about what's going on 
at other DOE sites in the US, and similar situations across the 
globe. This would include lots of things, like activist movements with 
the current tests by the French in the South Pacific through results of 
health studies done on folks who lived near Chernobyl, etc. (Anytime 
you run across anything in this area (web sites, researchers working in 
this area, etc), I'd really appreciate a quick email note about it.)

Well, I think that's plenty long for now, but I will post future info 
if folks are interested. 

Pennington Ahlstrand
Hanford Health Information Archives
Foley Center Library, Gonzaga University
Spokane WA   99258
voice: (509) 328-4220, x3872
fax: (509) 324-5904