Community of Science Databases

The University of Michigan's Division of Research Development and
Administration  (DRDA) publishes Reporter, a bi-monthly newsletter,
which is now available on DRDA's online Research Information Server on
the World-Wide Web.  Set your browser to http://www.drda.umich.edu

Most of the information in the Reporter concerns grants awarded to the
University of Michigan faculty and staff.  However the September 11,
1995 issue has several pages of www addresses for information related to
scientific research such as the Community of Science Databases for the
United States and Canada.  Although these databases are designed to help
researchers identify and locate colleagues with similar interests and
expertise it may be of interest to archivists involved in documenting
science and technology.

The US Community of Science Databases address is:

The Canadian: http://medoc.gdb.org/work/best-dbs-canada.html