ASA Directory

Ullo STAMAsters,

Further to Gavan's note about the Directory of Archives in Australia, I
should say that this is a BETA version, and possibly subject to changes. The
current version has been designed for users of Netscape v.1.1 or above (it
uses tables). A version for lower-grade browsers will be produced in due course.

The flood of faxes, emails and letters that have been arriving with updated
information also indicates that much of the data is out-of-date. This should
be remedied shortly.

So please think of this as a demonstration version only. I'll keep you
informed of developments. In the meantime, I would be very pleased to
receive any comments or suggestions.

Cheers, Tim

Tim Sherratt (Tim.Sherratt@asap.unimelb.edu.au)
Manager, Canberra Office and Head of Information Services
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