Nancy Keesing Fellowship 1996

Dear STAMAsters,

This item, from the State Library of New South Wales, has a bit of an
Australian focus but may be of more general interest due to the weight they
are giving to astronomy.

Nancy Keesing Fellowsip 1996
Call for Applications

The Nancy Keesing Fellowship aims to promote the State Library of New South
Wales as a centre of research into any aspect of Australian life and
culture, to promote a readily accessible record of the research undertaken
and to promote the use of the collections of the State Library. In 1996 the
sum of $10,000 is available for the fellowship which is awarded by the
Library Council of New South Wales.

Applications in all subject areas will be considered however, applications
in astronomy and music are particularly welcome for the 1996 Fellowship.

Applications and enquiries:

Alan Ventress 
Manager, Australian Research Collections & Mitchell Librarian
State Library of New South Wales
Macquarie Street
Sydney  NSW  2000

Closing date: Friday 1 March 1996

Tel: Australia (0)2 230 1466
Fax: Australia (0)2 235 1687
Internet: ventress@ilanet.slnsw.gov.au


Note: The Mitchell Library has some nice collections dealing with the
history of astronomy in Australia.

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