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The ICA Provisional Section of University and Research Institution
Archives (ICA/SUV) will hold its 1996 seminar "Toward an Archival
Methodology for University Archives" in Beijing, China, as part of the
ICA quadrennial meeting.  The seminar, led by the ICA/SUV Guidelines
Committee, Frank Scheelings, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, chair, will
focus on the Guidelines for University Archives drawn up by the
committee over the past two years.  The Guidelines document will be
circulated to ICA/SUV members this summer; the seminar will give
participants a chance to discuss the Guidelines as it applies to their
archives and to the situation in their countries.

A formal meeting of the membership will also be held at which time it is
expected that the section will be able to drop the term "provisional"
from its title.  In addition to section business, the membership meeting
will plan future section activities based on the results of the member
survey conducted during the spring/summer of 1996.  The survey was
prepared by a committee headed by Patricia Methven, King's College
London, UK.

The Archives of Science Subgroup of the ICA/SUV will hold a joint
workshop with the Commission on Bibliography and Documentation of the
International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science, Division
of History of Science.  The workshop, to be held in late May in Liege,
Belgium, will focus on issues of common concern stemming from the impact
of computer technologies on the creation and maintenance of records in
the modern scientific workplace.

 Archivists may participate in the Provisional Section of University
Archives and its sub-group on the Archives of Science if they are
individual members of ICA or if they represent an institution which has
institutional ICA membership.  For additional information about the
section or for information about joining ICA, please contact Marjorie
Barritt, chair, at the Bentley Historical Library, the University of
Michigan, 1150 Beal, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2113. Phone: 313/764-3482  Fax:
313/936-1333  E-mail:  Marjorie.Barritt@umich.edu.

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