ILL; archival records on OCLC, etc.

Hello STAMASTERS from Springtime in the Rockies.  
Two questions for you:
 - Those of you who have archive/manuscript cataloging records on 
RLIN, OCLC, or other regional/national/international bibliographic 
utilities--do you ever receive interlibrary loan (ILL) requests for 
those materials because someone saw them listed on that bibliographic 
utility?  During discussions of whether to put USGS Field Records 
Library (earth science research archives) cataloging records on OCLC, 
the concern was raised about the probability/possibility of receiving 
such ILL requests.  We would not loan the materials, and my knowledge 
is that the various ILL codes exempt archival/manuscript materials 
from ILL.  My feeling is that the concern is connected with fears of 
more work (just in receiving and responding "NO") for an already 
overloaded ILL unit here in the Denver USGS Library by virtue of ILL 
requests for Field Records Library materials.  There are currently 
about 12 Field Records Library cataloging records on OCLC, and I 
don't believe I've talked to a patron who contacted us because 
of seeing those.
What are your experiences?feelings?suggestions?other?
 - When the new USGS Library online cataloging system is accepted, 
we'll begin putting Field Records Library cataloging records into 
that system, which includes a public access catalog (PAC) accessible 
from within the USGS Library system as well as from remote users.  
What is your experience with having scientific archive cataloging 
records on internal PACs (e.g. within a college or university 
setting) as well as on OCLC and similar systems.  We'd probably all agree on 
the value of spreading the word that these collections exist and are 
available for use.  Do patrons tell you "I found you on the PAC/OCLC...."  
How is it working for you?  
We'll be adding a lot of records, since we usually catalog materials as 
projects reflecting specific USGS investigations, rather than combining all 
the materials by one scientist into one collection.  Also, the 
current plan is to include records for fully cataloged materials, as 
well as skeletal records for uncataloged materials. 

Thanks in advance for any and all comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.

Carol A. Edwards, Head
U.S. Geological Survey Field Records Library
MS 914, Box 25046, Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225-0046
Phone: (303) 236-1005  FAX: (303) 236-0015
this email: cedwards@denlib.cr.usgs.gov
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