Archives and Museum Informatics

Dear STAMAsters,

For your information - however, bear in mind that a peer-reviewed
Electronic Journal dealing with research in the archives of science,
technology and medicine is planned to get under way towards the end of this
year so do not send all of your best articles or papers to AMI.

Cheers ... Gavan



Informatics Quarterly (ISSN 1042-1467) will be published by
Kluwer Academic Publishers as of 1997. As of this date, the journal
will be fully peer-reviewed.

Archives and Museum Informatics is an international forum
for the  representation of knowledge and the management of
information relating to  the worlds' cultural heritage. The
journal aims to present timely and  technical contributions
to cultural informatics including theory, case  studies of
implementations, and reviews standards, print and electronic
publications, software, network sites and conferences.

Archives and Museum Informatics seeks articles which
build commonality of  interests between museums, archives
and libraries, and scholarship in the  arts and humanities. It
balances the interests of documentation, education  and
entertainment, and aims to strengthen practice in each
domain through  the knowledge, understanding and application
of inter-disciplinary approaches.

Submissions are invited from researchers and professionals
examining and applying information technology to cultural
heritage, including policy makers, humanities scholars, archivists,
information specialists, electronic publishers, museum curators,
collections managers and educators.

David Bearman, Archives & Museum Informatics, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Editorial Board members:
* Joseph Busch, Getty Information Institute (US)
* Terry Cook , National Archives of Canada (CA)
* Costis Dallas, Ministry of Culture (GE)
* Ecaterina Geber, Art Expo (RO)
* Alice Grant, Science Museum (UK)
* Margaret Hedstrom,University of Michigan (US)
* Eric Ketelaar, National Archives of the Netherlands (NE)
* Barbara Reed, Monash University (AU)
* Angelika Menne-Haritz , Archivschule Marburg (DR)
* Xavier Perrot, Universite de Paris 8 (FR)
* Jeanne Hogenboom, Bureau IMC (NE)
* Kathy Jones Garmil, Harvard University, Peabody Museum, (US)

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1997, Volume 11 (4 issues)
Subscription Rate: NLG 332.00/USD 201.00
Individuals may subscribe at the reduced rate of
NLG 100.00 / USD 60.00. By signing an  order form,
they declare that the subscription is for their own use and
that it will not be put at the disposal of any library.

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