STAMA Membership Update - September 1996

Dear STAMAsters,

While you were sleeping ... the autocratic manager of the STAMA Listserve
has taken the liberty of subscribing a number of people who have an
involvement with the International Council on Archives / Section on
University and Research Institution Archives, attended the meeting at Liege
in May on "Archiving the Records of Contemporary Science" or have in some
way expressed an interest in the archives of science, technology and medicine.

If you are one of the new folk, please feel welcome to this small but
diverse international group. If you do not wish to stay subscribed send a
message to majordomo@asap.unimelb.edu.au saying unsubscribe stama. 

With the new additions the group now totals 105 (up from 73 in November 1995).
As well as this current bulk subscription there have been a steady flow of
subscriptions over the last 10 months. The distribution by country is as
Australia - 38
USA - 38
UK - 9
Belgium - 6
Sweden - 4
Canada - 3
Italy - 1
Spain - 1
Denmark - 1
Finland - 1
Il - 1
Israel - 1
My - 1

Remember there is also a STAMA Webpage at:

At the moment this is focussed on STAMA Australia (a Special Interest Group
of the Australian Society of Archivists Inc.) however we are about to divide
it into two bits:

STAMA International - which will hold information of interest relating to
broad issues, international conferences and any activities of the Science,
Technology and Medicine Archives group of the International Council on
Archives Section of Universities and Research Institution Archives.

STAMA Australia - Information relating specifically to Australia.

All for the moment ... Gavan
*   Gavan McCarthy - Director                          
*    Australian Science Archives Project                         
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*       203 Bouverie Street
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