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The St. Vincent Medical Center Historical Conservancy is proud to announce
the opening of its museum and archival repository.  A newly renovated 3,000
square foot home has been established for the museum and archives, and the
Conservancy invites all intetested individuals to join us for our Open
House/Grand Opening on November 9th.

The Historical Conservancy was established in 1995 to preserve the long and
storied history of St. Vincent Medical Center, and of its founders, the
Daughters of Charity.  St. Vincent Medical Center is the oldest medical
institution in Los Angeles, having operated continuously since 1856.  The
hospital has played an integral role in the development of the city and of
the health care professions.  Collections held by the Conservancy include
records from one of the oldest nursing schools on the West coast,
administrative and clinical records dating to the mid 19th century, and
records of many influential Los Angeles and Southern California physicians.

Anyone interested in the Open House or the Conservancy in general may contact
us directly via e-mail, or phone us at (213)484-7940.  The exact time of the
Open House reception has yet to be determined, but we will happily send an
invitation to those wishing to join us.  Starting on Nov. 11, the archive and
museum will be open to the public M-F, 10-3, with other hours available by
appointment.  We are located at 262 S. Lake St. in Los Angeles.  Thank you,
and we hope to see as many of you as possible on November 9th.

Nicholas Weber
Director, Historical Conservancy Archives

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