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>Here is a Call for Papers for the second IEEE Metadata Conference in which
>you may have an interest - please forgive me if you have already seen this
>- Dave Johnson
>Second IEEE Metadata Conference
>* Location: NOAA Auditorium, Silver Spring, Maryland
>* Dates: 16 - 17 September 1997
>* For more information: http://www.llnl.gov/liv_comp/metadata/md97.html
>Sponsored by:
>IEEE Mass Storage Systems and Technology Technical Committee
>National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
>Hughes Information Technology Systems
>IEEE Digital Libraries Task Force
>The IEEE Metadata Conference goal is to encourage discussion of metadata
>issues. Metadata is loosely defined as "data about data", or "additional
>information that is necessary for data to be useful". Papers that
>contribute to practical understanding are strongly encouraged. Survey
>papers, short tutorial papers, and product or project experiences are
>welcome. Previously published papers will not be considered. Panel
>proposals should describe the topic, intended audience, and list the likely
>participants. Panels should discuss topics that can involve the audience
>rather than being mini-paper sessions. Proposals for poster displays and/or
>demonstrations should focus on presenting novel and interesting technical
>aspects of metadata research or development. Soon-to-be products that
>emphasize substantial technical support for metadata are also welcome.
>We are soliciting abstracts of 500 to 1000 words for potential papers and
>panel proposals, along with abstracts of poster and/or demo presentations
>of up to 500 words of text.
>Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:
>* Metadata Management:
>        o modeling and representation of metadata, including
>                + impact of modeling choices (oo, relational, ..) on
>extensibility of metadata
>                + impact of metadata on storage, retrievability and use of
>                + metadata for logical/semantic representation of the WWW
>        o metadata mining/extraction
>        o metadata for mass storage and warehousing
>        o integrating multi-level metadata
>        o metadata repository architecture
>        o systems for managing metadata
>                + recording/providing/accessing/utilizing
>                + WWW-based metadata management
>* Application-specific issues of metadata:
>        o earth sciences (weather/climate, ecosystems)
>        o resource management (mining, agriculture)
>        o other data-intensive application areas (census, film/video
>archives, etc.)
>* Emerging applications in Global Information Infrastructure, including
>        o Digital library metadata issues:
>                + search through multimedia documents
>                + metadata for multimedia and heterogeneous digital data
>                + metadata for mass storage
>        o metadata for managing WWW-based information resources
>        o information/electronic commerce
>* Standards:
>        o government "documents" (email, voicemail, ..),
>        o tape format and file metadata,
>        o self-describing data formats (such as netcdf)
>        o survey of existing standards
>        o bridging multiple overlapping metadata 'standards'
>        o standards for information interchange and stewardship
>* Working Systems demonstrating any aspects related to metadata
>Please file your submissions electronically at
>For further information on submission, please contact:
>Margie Templeton
>For further information on the conference, please contact:
>Ron Musick
>Phone: 510-424-5015
>Fax: 510-423-2993
>Chris Miller
>Fax: 301-713-1249
>Important Dates
>* Deadline for paper abstract, poster-demo abstract, panel proposal
>submission: March 15, 1997
>* Acceptance/rejection notification: April 20, 1997
>* Full hard copies of the papers (8-10 pages suggested) due: July 20, 1997
>* Final cooperative review for full papers ends 8/15
>Proceedings will be published electronically, as were last year's (see
>Metadata-96). There will be low cost hardcopy proceedings available for
>conference participants.
>Robert Coyne    IBM, USA        - Chair
>Joy Colucci     Hughes Information Technology Sys, USA  - Vice Chair
>Merritt Jones MITRE, USA
>Ben Kobler      NASA, USA
>Nabil Adams     Rutgers, USA
>Al Aho  Columbia U., USA
>Owen Ambur      Fish & Wildlife, USA
>Gerald Barton   NOAA, USA
>Barbara Bicking Environmental Sys. Research Institute, USA
>Dian Gaffen     NOAA, USA
>Sara Graves     U. of Alabama, Huntsville, USA
>Dave Johnson    EarthWare Systems, Australia            djohnson@w3c2.com.au
>Chris Miller    NOAA, USA       - Vice Chair
>Matt Morgenstern Xerox, USA
>Ron Musick      Lawrence Livermore National Labs, USA - Chair
>Amit Sheth      U. of Georgia, USA
>Jamie Shiers    CERN, Switzerland
>Terry Smith     UCSB, USA
>Margie Templeton Data Integration Inc., USA Volker Vent-Schmidt Deutscher
>Wetterdienst, Germany Mark Whiting    Pacific Northwest Lab, USA
>Matthias Zingler European Space Agency, Italy

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