advice sought: patient records in manuscript collections

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>Subject: advice sought: patient records in manuscript collections
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>I am preparing a presentation to our special collections advisory 
>council and campus legal counsel, which will then refine our policies 
>and procedures for access to and use of patient records in our 
>manuscript collections. I would like to solicit advice and other 
>information on practical, legal, and ethical considerations that are 
>involved when an archival/manuscripts repository has collections of 
>personal papers which include patient medical and psychological 
>records, such as:  
>	- unsolicited exploratory inquiries or "cold calls" from people
>	   with problems who saw the doctor in a news report or journal
>	   article and are looking for advice or referrals
>	- individual case histories / personal case files
>	- notes, tapes, and transcripts of interview or therapy 
>		sessions
>	- correspondence with patients, their families, patient 
>		advocates, etc.
>	- referrals to or from other doctors
>	- case conference and grand rounds presentations
>	- test results (e.g., psychological test batteries) on large 
>		numbers of identifiable individuals.
>If your repository has dealt with this issue and created 
>acquisition, processing, access and use guidelines (including 
>restriction statements, statements of understanding that researchers 
>sign, etc.), I would appreciate receiving a copy.  If you created a 
>report which outlines why and how your institution arrived at its 
>policies and procedures in this matter, that would also be most 
>On a related point -- when was this issue last presented as the focus 
>of a Society of American Archivists session?  Would it be timely to 
>discuss this at the Roundtable meeting this fall, and then work up a 
>session proposal (co-sponsored by the Privacy and Confidentiality 
>Roundtable?) for the 1998 meeting?  (I would be interested in 
>spearheading or joining in such a session, if there is interest and a 
>perceived need.)
>Thanks in advance for your help -- please consider posting some replies 
>to the List, too (until some subscribers say "enough, already!").
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