Curator of Health Sciences Special Collection Position

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Curator of Health Sciences Special Collections
University of Wisconsin Health Sciences Library
The Health Sciences Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is
recruiting a candidate to assume management responsibilities for the Library's
historical collections. We are looking for someone to provide leadership and
expertise in rethinking focus of the collection and someone with a service
perspective consistent with today's information-intensive environment.
Knowledge of preservation practices, budget analysis, staff development, and
how information technologies will transform utilization of the scholarly
record are integral to this position.
A major responsibility will be working with the Director of the Health
Sciences Library, the Director of the History of Medicine Department, the
Director of the Institute for the History of Pharmacy and campus-wide archival
committees to address campus-wide issues related to archival concerns and
historical collections.  The successful candidate is expected to promote and
support historical scholarship, the continuity of the scientific record, and
promote service across a diversified campus, complementing science and other
historical programs (including the State Historical Society).  The Curator
reports to the Director of the Health Sciences Library, serves as a member of
the Library's management team, serves on relevant professional committees,
actively participates in fund-raising programs, and teaches segments of
selective courses.
Historical collections at UW-Madison are among the nation's most well-known
and support active History of Medicine/Nursing/Pharmacy programs.  Combined
Library holdings exceed 31,000 volumes including historical reference,
monographic works, journals, rare books, and specially-handled items between
The successful candidate will bring to this position broad knowledge in one or
more subject areas (e.g., medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health or a
combination of health-related areas) along with experience in managing
historical collections, preservation practices, and successes in obtaining
funding and working with peers.  The individual must exhibit understanding of
the relevance of historical collections to the academic mission of the
institution and the value of such collections and services to scholarship
beyond the University.  The candidate will be expected to have excellent
interpersonal, oral, written, computer, and instructional skills; strong
analytical skills; and progressively-responsible management experience in an
academic or research environment.
Preferred:  Evidence of scholarly and professional activity; understanding
aspects of collaborative collection management in a more virtual
(computer-oriented) service environment; and knowledge of the practical
aspects of managing rare books and manuscripts will be required.  Team-teaching
experience, the ability to network people, coordinating ability,
computer/imaging skills; fund raising skills, and enthusiasm are highly
A Master's degree is required in either the History of Science or Library
Science.  An advanced degree (PhD) in the History of Medicine or Science
combined with a Master's Degree in Library Sciences is preferred.  Candidates
with (1) dual master's degrees in History of  Science and Library Science or
(2) Master's degree in Library Science with requisite experience in the History
of Medicine (or Nursing or Pharmacy); (3) Master's degree in Archives
Management with equivalent experience related to History of Medicine/Health
Sciences; or (4) a combination of the above will receive strong consideration.
Salary minimum is $35,000.00. Salary is commensurate with background,
knowledge, and experience. For additional information, please contact Karen
Dahlen, Director of the Health Sciences Library, (kdahlen@biostat.wisc.edu)
UW-Madison or Hal Cook, Professor of History of Medicine,
(hjcook@facstaff.wisc.edu) regarding additional information about this
position.  Applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter addressing
interests in this position along with current vitae and names, addresses,
telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of three professional references who
can best address applicant's knowledge and skills. To ensure consideration,
applications should be sent to Diana Slater, Associate Director,
Health Sciences Library, PVL 28658, 1305 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706 by
January 10, 1998.
Unless confidentiality is requested in writing, information regarding the
applications must be released upon request.  Finalists cannot be guaranteed
confidentiality.  The University of Wisconsin is an Affirmative Action/Equal
Opportunity Employer.
Diana Slater U WI Health Sciences Library 1305 Linden Dr  Madison WI 53706
 EMAIL: SLATER@DoIT.WISC.EDU  FAX: 608-262-4732  TELEPHONE: 608-263-5333