WWWVL - History of Sci, Tech and Med UPDATE

Dear All,

--Usual apologies for cross-posting--

Happy New Year from the WWW Virtual Library for the History of Science,
Technology and Medicine! 

The WWWVL-HSTM has recently undergone a much-needed major overhaul. The
site has been completely redesigned, new sites have been added, and dead
links removed. I still have plenty of sites to add, but I'm getting there!
Check it out at:


New features include:

* New structure - there are individual pages for each site in the database.
This has allowed me to add more information about the sites, including a
long description and editor's notes.

* Screen captures - the individual pages can now include screen captures
from the site, giving you a visual cue to help you indentify the site
you're after. The screen captures are hyperlinked to their site.

* Ratings - new sites now receive a score in the areas of Depth, Content
and Design. Again, this is designed to help users make choices about which
sites they wish to visit.

* New search facility

To see these changes in action, have a look at some of the recent sites
added. It will take some time, but I will eventually move through all the
current entries adding screen captures, ratings, etc. Please be patient! I
apologize for the lack of updates in 1997. Sigh... I won't bore you with
the reasons why... The important thing is that the new system is up and
working, and I intend to add a minimum of 20 sites a week - at least until
I get through my backlog of sites to be added, maybe for ever?

Unfortunately, I have had to remove the Biographical Dictionary - it was
just too much work to maintain. This is a one-man (and three cat) volunteer
operation, and I thought it was more important to concentrate on improving
the quality of the main listing.

Things like the rating system will continue to evolve as I see how they
work in practice. The categories also need fine-tuning and are likely to be
changed and sub-divided over coming months. Please send me your comments,
suggestions and words of encouragement. To suggest new sites, use the "Add
URL" form available at the site. For those who are interested in such
things, the WWWVL-HSTM was regularly getting more than 3,000 visitors (not
hits) per week in 1997.

Also, if there is anyone out there who is interested in providing a mirror
site for the WWWVL-HSTM please get in touch so we can discuss the
possibilities. It would be good to have at least US and European mirrors.

Cheers, Tim Sherratt

Tim Sherratt (Tim.Sherratt@asap.unimelb.edu.au)
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Ph: +61 (0)6 2991043