Neuroscience History in the MD/VA/DC area for ISHN 1998 meeting

The International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN) 
will hold its 3rd annual meeting in Annapolis, Maryland from 7-9 June 

Several attendees have expressed an interest in visiting archives and 
special collections in the region and perhaps conducting research while 
they are in the area.  As a service to the ISHN, the Neuroscience 
History Archives has mounted (on the UCLA Brain Research Institute's 
web server) a guide to "Archives and Special Collections in Maryland, 
Virginia & the District of Columbia":


We would be most appreciative if curators/archivists/librarians in the 
2-states-and-a-district region who have collections that might be of 
interest to these historians would take a look at and make comments 
about this web site.  Send corrections, suggestions, and submissions 
to: <rjohnson@library.ucla.edu>  (please respond to this address, not 
to the entire listserv!)  We'll also have a guide to antiquarian 
dealers in the region, but this hasn't been completed and mounted yet.

If your institution, organization, department, or company is hosting a 
lecture, exhibit, or other activity that would be of interest to 
meeting attendees and you'd like some free advertising, send us a 
description (by e-mail or fax: 310-206-2753) and we'll announce this 
through HISTNEUR-L, the HISTory of NEURoscience listserv, and 
RETICULUM, a web gateway to neuroscience history resources, which can 
be found at <http://bri.medsch.ucla.edu/archives/RETICULM.htm>

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Russell Johnson


Russell A. Johnson        rjohnson@library.ucla.edu

Archivist              (310) 825-3191  or  206-2753
Neuroscience History Archives
Brain Research Institute, UCLA
Box 951761     Los Angeles CA  90095-1761

Special Collections Cataloger        (310) 825-6940
Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, UCLA
Box 951798     Los Angeles CA  90095-1798