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>From: Maryanne Large <mlarge@dit.ie>
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>I am a lecturer in Physics at the Dublin Institute of Technology,  and
>in this context I have been involved in a distance learning project to
>Africa.  This is a World Bank project,  and basically involves lecturing
>through the medium of television,  and sending the lectures by
>satillite.  The course we are giving is first year physics.  So far (the
>project is still in a pilot phase) we have included some filmed
>demonstrations etc in the lectures, and I am very keen to expand that
>aspect.  In this context I was hoping that it might be possible to get
>archival footage of:
>1. lightning
>2. auroras
>The two dificulties being that the footage must be broadcast quality (we
>use Beta format) and it must be copyright cleared.  We would also use
>any footage in our own institute here of course.
>There is not at this time money specifically allocated to funding such
>material,  but if the cost was not excessive I think we would have no
>trouble going ahead with it.  We would of course be more than happy to
>acknowledge the source of any footage used.
>I would be very interested in your response,
>	Maryanne Large
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