Organizing a Healthcare History Program

Dear STAMA ... Forwarded for your information .... Gavan

>The Baker-Cederberg Museum and Archives (B-C.M.A.)of the Rochester
>GeneralHospital has published a booklet to assist healthcare organizations in
>developing historical programs. This 24 page booklet outlines the B-C.M.A.
>program and how to start, what to collect, and what questions to consider
>before committing to forming an institutional archives. It is meant to
>assist non-archivists and persons with a vested interest in establishing a
>historical program.  And what to do until their administrations wake up and
>realize the value of an archives program.  "Organizing a Healthcare History
>Program, An Outline Prepared for the  Rochester Healthcare Archives
>Network" by Philip G. Maples, $4.00 plus $1.50 P&H may be purchased from :
>Baker-Cederberg Museum and Archives
>Rochester General Hospital
>1425 Portland Ave.
>Rochester NY 14621
>716.339.5292 (FAX)
>e-mail <<phil.maples@VIAHEALTH.org>>

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