ASAPWeb visits exceed 12 million!

Dear STAMAsters,

Congratulations to someone out there online this week you were the 12
millionth visitor to the ASAPWeb site. And that is only from when we
started keeping weekly statistics in January 1997.

One always needs to approach these figures carefully - but the growth in
the usage has been quite remarkable.

It took 27 weeks to clock up the first million:
18 weeks for the second;
and a total of 2,408,420 for the year.

It took 8 weeks for the first million;
6 weeks for the second; 7 for the third; 6 for the fourth; 9 for the fifth;
8 for the sixth; 4 for the seventh; 4 for the eighth; 
and a total of 8,266,937 for the year.

It took 5 weeks for the first million .....

Interestingly in both 1997 and 1998 there was significant fall in usage
around the shortest and longest days.

Congratulations to Rosanne, Robin, Joanne and the rest of the team for the
work they have put in over the last six months.

We have some really exciting developments for the site this year and we
will keep you posted as they unfold.

Regards ..... Gavan

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