James Cook's Journal on CD-ROM

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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 12:28:14 +1100
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Subject: National Treasure on CD-ROM

Media release

National Treasure on CD-ROM

A perilous journey. A land claimed for a King. Australia.

The National Library of Australia and the Australian National Maritime
Museum are proud to present the first ever CD-ROM
publication of Cook's magnificent Endeavour journal, one of the nation's
most precious treasures.

The CD-ROM Endeavour: Captain Cook's Journal 1768-71 will enable
Australians everywhere to join James Cook and his crew
on their extraordinary voyage of discovery around the world on board the

At the heart of this groundbreaking CD-ROM is a digital facsimile of the
full text of Cook's Endeavour journal, accompanied by
JC Beaglehole's classic 1955 annotated transcript. The journal is in Cook's
own hand, and his corrections, additions and
amendments can be seen. This is the first time that Cook's journal and a
transcript have been published together.

The Endeavour CD-ROM utilises the full potential of multimedia technology,
as it takes viewers on board and inside the
Endeavour replica with amazing 3-D virtual reality tours, video clips,
sound segments, hundreds of still images-and an
encyclopaedic 100 000 word text exploring every facet of the famous voyage
that put Australia's east coast on the map.

The Commonwealth government purchased the journal at a London auction in
1923 for the sum of 5 000 pounds. The fragile 231
year old manuscript, held at the National Library in Canberra, is rarely
displayed. Today it is available to the world.

Endeavour: Captain Cook's Journal 1768-71 offers direct access to one of
the most vital documents in our history, and is also a
rollicking good read that can be enjoyed by students, researchers, maritime
and history enthusiasts, and armchair voyagers alike.

Endeavour: Captain Cook's Journal 1768-71 is Windows95 and Macintosh
compatible and is $89.95.

For your review copy, further information and interviews contact:

Annette Healy,
Corporate Communications,
National Library of Australia,
ph: (02) 6262 1279,
email: ahealy@nla.gov.au

9 February 1999

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