Some sudden question ...


Hi, I am Michael Wai. Sorry for me to write this letter to you. I am the

student of the English course in Wollongong University College in
Australia. However, I must write the essay to pass my course. I find
e-mail address in the "WW Virtual Library for the History of Science,
Technology & Medicine". So I want to ask you
some question.

My essay topic is "With the advances in technology, nursing is becoming
more efficient However, there is criticism that technological advances
do not necessarily lead to improvement in the standard of care. Evaluate

this issue." Can you tell me how can I get the information in the
internet? Or which books or journals that I can refer to? Have you got
any suggestion or ideas on this topic? I haven't got any background or
on this topic or area.

Thanks for you spending time to look and answer this letter, also sorry
that for my poor English.

Michael Wai