STMA - Von Mueller Virtual Exhibition

Dear STAMAsters,

Baron von Mueller's Melbourne - remarkable 19th century Germans

A very elegant exhibition (and virtual exhibition) has been curated by
Walter Struve at the State Library of Victoria that uses a range of textual
and graphic archival materials. Walter's introduction to the exhibition
captures the theme nicely:

               When we think of Germans in
               19th century Australia, we
               probably think first of their role in
               the opening of the vast sheep and
               wheat belts of South Australia,
               Queensland, New South Wales
               and Victoria, and the feats of
               intrepid individuals such as Ludwig
               Leichhardt. We tend to overlook
               the role of groups like Melbourne's
               small but distinguished band of
               Germans, whose achievements in
               the sciences, arts, crafts,
               commerce, even gymnastics,
               amounted to what has been
               described as "one of the high
               points of Australian colonial

The exhibition was supported through funds from the H & L Hecht Trust and
gained much from the work of the Ferdinand von Mueller Correspondence
Project based at Herbarium Library of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne,
under the leadership Professor R.W. Home.

The URL for the virtual exhibition is:

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