STMA - Edgeworth David hits the game shows

Dear STAMAsters,

It was reported in the Melbourne "Herald Sun" yesterday that if Paddy
Spooner had know the occupation of Sir T.W. Edgeworth David he could have
won $500,000 - Not to miss an opportunity we have sent of letter to the
editor about how he could have found that information on the Web within the
time allowed to answer the question. The letter is below:


How Paddy Spooner could have won $500 000 in less than 30 seconds on Who
Wants to be a Millionaire?

Herald Sun readers might be interested to know that information about Sir
T.W. Edgeworth David (Geologist and Surveyor) is literally at their
fingertips, and would have taken Paddy Spooner’s friend less than the
allowed 30 seconds to discover, had he done a simple search on the Internet
(presuming he had two phone lines of course!).

Type in Edgeworth David in the Excite search engine and the first entry
returned will take you to his entry in Bright Sparcs. His biographical
entry clearly states "Sir T.W. Edgeworth David - Geologist and Surveyor".

Bright Sparcs is a fantastic resource for the history of Australian science
- one of Australia’s great subject based information gateways on the
Internet, containing over 3,000 biographical records that register the key
life and career information of Australian scientists, technologists,
medical researchers, science administrators and industrialists.

It is the major outreach and communication tool of the Australian Science
Archives Project at the University of Melbourne, soon to be known as the
Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre. Our Web site receives in
excess of 200,000 visits per week and recent survey has shown that at least
10,000 external Web sites from all over the world link directly to Bright
Sparcs and its host, ASAPWeb. We deal with all sorts of enquiries from all
sorts of people, ranging from school children, PhD researchers, to a recent
enquiry from the Australian Embassy in Washington looking to promote
Australian achievements in the biological sciences.

If you’d like to know more about us please have a look at our Web site -
http://www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/ - or feel free to phone me on 9344 9364.
The particular Edgeworth David URL is

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